Danny way

April 15 Hometown Encinitas Ca


X Games Medal Count

Danny Way is THE action sports athlete most respected by core fans and fellow professionals alike. Danny is a Southern California native, dedicated father of three kids and a legendary athlete committed to expanding the understanding of what is possible in his sport. He has been named “The All Time Greatest Action Sports Athlete Ever” as voted for by 49 other athletes in Spike TV’s The 50 Greatest.
World Record for Biggest Air with a twelve-foot kickflip (1997), breaking his own Biggest Air record, at 23.5 feet (2003), breaking his Long Distance Jump record with a distance of 79 feet (2004), the only skater to win Thrasher’s Skater of the Year, twice (1991 and 2004), first person to jump the Great Wall of China on a skateboard (2005), the first to drop from the top of the guitar at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Casino from a height of 82 feet (2006

X Games Competition History
X Games 2009 SKB Big Air Rail Jam 1st
X Games 2008 SKB Big Air 2nd
X Games 2006 SKB Big Air 1st
X Games 2005 SKB Big Air 1st
X Games 2004 SKB Big Air 1st
X Games 2001 SKB Vert 9th
X Games 2001 SKB Vert Best Trick 6th
X Games 1997 SKB Vert 6th
X Games 1997 SKB Park 12th
X Games 1996 SKB Vert 9th
X Games 1996 SKB Park 19th
X Games 1995 SKB High Air 1st
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