In 2016, a close group of friends with decades of experience in cannabis formulation and action sports saw a unique problem they knew they could solve.

So many of their friends and clients, a great number of professional athletes from moto, bmx, surf and skate, suffered from anxiety leading up to events, or struggled with recovery from the physical punishment associated with their professions.

By developing a line of broad-spectrum CBD formulations with direct input from some of the world’s top athletes in action sports, the founders of M3DS knew they could create a best-in-class relief and recovery products specifically formulated for the world’s most punishing sports. And because it’s a CBD product, it’s safe for athletes of all ages and athletic pursuits.

Why M3DS?

M3DS is not just another CBD brand. This is a lifestyle. From the moment you wake up till the moment you go to bed we aspire to help you live your best life. Our professional athletes are using our products to help prevent and recover from injuries while riding with style and comfort in our athletic apparel. LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE WITH M3DS!

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